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    Ilaya has always been involved in the arts and music. She lived in the tropical island, the Philippines before moving to Sonoma County.  She grew up in the beautiful Northern California sorrounded by nature, music, the arts, and cultural diversity. She is clearly rooted in her own spirituality and her roots.  She started as a belly dancer with Blacksheep Bellydance.  In 2006, she focused on her voice and released her self-produced album self-titled, Ilaya.  Life led her to a different path soon after the released of her album.  The music was put on hold, instead she put her energy as a host and co-host for Roots Kommunikations, Kpfa in Berkeley.  It was in March 2020, when the pandemic came that she felt she needed to get back into music.  "I am more inspired than ever.  I'm glad to be writing music and sharing my voice again.  I hope that my music will find a home in everyone's heart".

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